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When Amy asked if she could include her mom in some of the images of her daughter’s birthday session, I was elated.

Three generations of beautiful ladies. Such a special capture.

Here are some of my favorite images from our birthday session in Palos Verdes: Madison just turned one years old and is walking and giggling and happy as a clam. We decided to end the session with what’s affectionately known in the photography world as a “cake smash”. This marks the occasion when babies (usually on their first birthday) indulge in their first taste of a sugar-filled birthday cake. Every baby reacts differently and it’s so fun to watch. Those lil crossed feet! I can’t stand it. Looks like she’s got the hang of it!


This gorgeous, young lady is graduating high school shortly.

Mikayla has an incredible voice and aspires to be a singer. After hearing her voice, there’s no doubt in my mind her dreams won’t come true.

We connected immediately and she’s such a natural in front of the camera!

Here are some of my favorite images from our session in Palos Verdes:


The mustard flowers in Palos Verdes are UH.mazing right now. Never, in all the years I’ve shot during springtime, has everything been so lush and tall. Yay for all that So Cal rain!

Emilie is graduating top of her class in a few months. She’s not only super smart and well-rounded but so down to earth and I’m lucky to have documented her through the years and watched her blossom into such a beautiful young woman.

I’m so, so proud of you, Em and I cannot wait to see what this next chapter of your life brings.

Here are some of my favorite images from our session in Palos Verdes:

Here’s an image I photographed when Emilie was just nine years old.

And here’s a picture from our first session ten years ago. Look at these sweet little things!


As much as I love being a photographer, a big part of me is yearning to include more personal content on my blog. More recipes.More reviews. More writing. More me.

I’m planning on incorporating an array of topics and would love your thoughts as to what type of content you’d like to read more about. I want this blog to be fun and engaging and interesting. Please feel free to leave any thoughts in the comment section below- I’d really love the feedback!

Today I’m sharing my newest kitchen finds.

One of my favorite things to do is turn on some music, pour myself a glass of chardonnay and try out a new recipe. One of my least favorite things is when my cookbook is taking up too much room on the kitchen counter. That’s why I’m in love with this cookbook stand. The acrylic overlay on the front protects my cookbook from getting dirty while keeping the book propped up and out of the way.

Speaking of food, have you ever eaten at Lemonade? They define themselves as having “a playful, vegetable-centric menu drawing from a variety of global influences”. Omg, it’s so. good. It’s a modernized, upscale cafeteria chain based in California and serves the most amazing food. As I was waiting in line I discovered they sell their own cookbook that includes their most popular recipes. Now I don’t have to try and guess what delicious ingredients they put in my favorite dishes! If you like seared Ahi you need to try this recipe and if you like a little kick to your lemonade try this one.

I’ve been on a ginormous purging kick lately. You’d seriously think I was nesting- (um, NO). I just think the older I get, the less tolerance I have for clutter and the feeling of filling bags with stuff  we don’t need and donating it feels so good. Bye, Felicia. That’s why I’ve recently ditched all my mismatched Tupperware. I’m not sure which is worse- losing a sock in the dryer, or trying to find the correct lid for my Tupperware. I’m frantically reaching all the way in the back of my cupboard, trying to find the matching top and of course it’s NEVER the right one. Well this stackable Tupperware is an OCD’s dream. It includes every size you need, doesn’t take up much room at all and is so pretty! I love these!

best tupperware_0001


Don’t forget to leave a comment below about some ideas you’d like me to incorporate in my posts 🙂 Happy Hump Day!






Seeing a couple so genuinely in love and excited for their future is one of my favorite things to witness. Then seeing these two people start a family together, is just icing on the cake. I’ve been blessed to capture so many special moments for Brittney and Danny and I’m elated to share some of my favorite images from our newborn session with their sweet baby girl, Mila James:


In my next life I’d love to be a food blogger. Or a graphic artist. Or an interior designer- anything creative floats my boat. And that’s why I have so much admiration for Brittney. She not only is an amazing calligrapher (check out her Insta feed), but she also has gorgeous taste. Can you believe this nursery? I mean COME. ON.

sanpedronewbornphotos-2-of-16sanpedronewbornphotos-6-of-16sanpedronewbornphotos-8-of-16sanpedronewbornphotos-9-of-16sanpedronewbornphotos-11-of-16sanpedronewbornphotos-13-of-16sanpedronewbornphotos-14-of-16staring into those baby blue eyes…. they’re gonna break a thoughsand hearts, I’m sure.

If you like this newborn session, check out this one!


Samantha and Ryan wanted to do their engagement session in a nature setting by the beach. What better place than Terranea in Palos Verdes?

It was a gorgeous day and their love was shining as bright as the sparkle on the water.

These two were so excited for our session and I had so much fun capturing their playfulness together.

Here are some of my favorite images from our engagement session in Palos Verdes:

Ryan surprised Samantha with this gorgeous bling. This man definitely has some taste. palosverdesengagement_0003palosverdesengagement_0005palosverdesengagement_0012palosverdesengagement_0007palosverdesengagement_0008palosverdesengagement_0011palosverdesengagement_0009palosverdesengagement_0010

Congratulations Sam & Ryan on your engagement- I wish you much love and laughter!


When wedding clients ask me to photograph the next milestone moment in their lives it’s the greatest honor. Cindy & Chris were married earlier this year and after spending so much time together we gained a beautiful rapport. They’re fun and easy going and I adore photographing them. Not only are they a beautiful couple, but they have an amazing connection that shines so bright in pictures. Next month they’re welcoming a baby boy and I’m so excited to meet him and watch them become parents.

Here are some of my favorite images from our maternity session in Palos Verdes:

palosverdesmaternity-7-of-12palosverdesmaternity-8-of-12palosverdesmaternity-9-of-12Cindy, you seriously make the most  b e a u t i f u l pregnant woman. You’re glowing! palosverdesmaternity-5-of-12palosverdesmaternity-3-of-12palosverdesmaternity-2-of-12palosverdesmaternity-6-of-12palosverdesmaternity-11-of-12palosverdesmaternity-12-of-12



Rachel and Paul met in college through a mutual friend at Brown University. They’re both athletic, love to travel and try different restaurants.

Rachel loves how Paul brings out the best in her and that he’s so dependable. He’s also quite the handyman and prides himself on being able to fix just about anything, whether it be a computer, a car or a knot in a necklace chain. When Paul had an opportunity to move to China for work, Rachel realized she couldn’t imagine being that far away from him and that’s when she knew she wanted to be with him forever.

Paul loves how incredibly caring and driven Rachel is. When she puts her mind to something, she gives it her all and her competitive edge won him over early in their relationship.

Many of Rachel’s family members were married at The Neighborhood Church and she attended services there since she was a child. They opted to exchange their vows outside, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and I couldn’t think of a more gorgeous backdrop. 

The reception took place at La Venta Inn, which is within walking distance from the house she grew up in. As a little girl she could hear the weddings going on and she dreamed that one day it would be her own wedding celebration. 

They decided to honeymoon in the Cook Islands because of the amazing beaches and scuba diving opportunities.

Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding in Palos Verdes Estates:


laventawedding-4-of-131laventawedding-3-of-131laventawedding-15-of-131laventawedding-17-of-131laventawedding-10-of-131laventawedding-34-of-131laventawedding-36-of-131laventawedding-37-of-131laventawedding-14-of-131laventawedding-13-of-131laventawedding-5-of-131laventawedding-8-of-131laventawedding-11-of-131laventawedding-18-of-131laventawedding-21-of-131laventawedding-22-of-131Paul anxiously awaiting Rachel during their First Look reveal. laventawedding-23-of-131laventawedding-25-of-131laventawedding-24-of-131laventawedding-26-of-131laventawedding-27-of-131laventawedding-28-of-131laventawedding-32-of-131laventawedding-29-of-131laventawedding-38-of-131laventawedding-42-of-131laventawedding-44-of-131laventawedding-52-of-131laventawedding-53-of-131laventawedding-54-of-131laventawedding-56-of-131laventawedding-65-of-131laventawedding-67-of-131laventawedding-70-of-131laventawedding-62-of-131laventawedding-58-of-131laventawedding-59-of-131laventawedding-30-of-131laventawedding-63-of-131laventawedding-79-of-131laventawedding-85-of-131laventawedding-106-of-131laventawedding-74-of-131laventawedding-82-of-131laventawedding-88-of-131laventawedding-93-of-131laventawedding-89-of-131laventawedding-96-of-131laventawedding-98-of-131laventawedding-99-of-131laventawedding-105-of-131laventawedding-113-of-131laventawedding-109-of-131laventawedding-97-of-131laventawedding-124-of-131laventawedding-127-of-131laventawedding-129-of-131Congratulations Rachel & Paul! I couldn’t be happier for you two.

*Special thanks to the following vendors that made this wedding such an amazing day:

Ceremony: The Neighborhood Church

Reception: La Venta Inn

DJ: David with Vox DJ’s 

Florist: Pavan Floral

Hair Stylist: Sierra English

Make Up Artist: Mandy G. Makeup

Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier

Shoes: Badgley Mischka



The Bell Family recently moved to Palos Verdes Estates because they loved the country feel while still being walking distance to the beach. #winwin

When I sent a teaser of their session to Jonathan, he said his wife Jennifer immediately got teary-eyed. And then my heart was happy because tears of joy is my ultimate goal.

These beautiful trees are directly across from their lovely home so I couldn’t resist capturing such amazing light. Here are some of my favorite images from our session in Palos Verdes Estates:


Jonathan and Jennifer, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your sweet family. You welcomed me into your home like a dear friend and I so appreciate it.






Yesterday was my birthday and I woke to the pitter patter of my kids running down the hallway to give me their homemade cards. I smiled before my eyes even opened and said a little thank you for being blessed with health and the fact my babies still wanna cuddle with me.

After the cards were read and the hugs and kisses subsided, I stuck my Mom Hat on and started our morning routine.

Then the fighting and the crying began because Delaney got the blue straw and Dax got more slices of banana and I don’t wanna wear the clothes I picked out last night because I changed my mind. (AGAIN).

And then my frustration sets in because why do I still, after a trillion mornings of the same. exact. routine. every. day., still  have to ask 1,234 times to get dressed because it’s time to GO. To brush your teeth because we’re leaving in five minutes. To put on your shoes – no not your flip flops- because I’m getting in the car NOW.  

So yesterday after I dropped my rug rats off I decided to spend my birthday alone, with a book and my ear buds and my journal, laying on a lounge chair while overlooking the ocean at Terrenea.

And it was heaven.

I spent the day reading, writing and reflecting. I made a list of my goals for this year and here are a few:

• to appreciate more of what I already have instead of what I don’t

• stop focusing on the negative so much: (my crow’s feet, my cellulite, the prices of real estate in Los Angeles, the fact that a baked potato with the works isn’t healthy)

• stop feeling obligated to say yes to every invitation. Less stress brings more joy than anything.

• to quit comparing my life to someone else’s highlight reel on Instagram. (damn you social media)

• to take more breaks during an at-home work day and get outside to enjoy the fresh air, stretch and thank my lucky stars I’m my own boss.

• make Sunday Family Dinners and Date Night a bigger priority

• to take more time to read

• write more


When I was in my twenties I remember being upset at something and making a snide remark to my mom about not understanding my situation. She looked at me and said,”Ya know, I still feel like I’m in my twenties. I know exactly what you’re going through. I’m just wiser and I look older. You’ll understand the feeling when you’re my age.”

Boy do I ever.

I may look older and have trouble staying out past 11 o’clock but I still love to play music loud in the car and dance (even if my teenage step-daughter is mortified by it), dress up for Halloween and learn about new things. And that’s never gonna change.

So on this 42nd (GULP) birthday, I’m trying to embrace every new wrinkle/sun spot/grey hair that pops up.

And I promise I’ll never lie about my age because I know each minute and day and year I live is truly a gift.

unnamed-2For those that wished me a Happy Birthday, thank you so, so much! My birthday celebration was a beautiful balance of much needed alone time and a chaotic, loud family dinner. Pretty perfect in my opinion.

*One last thing: please, please watch this video. It was life-changing for me. It’s Jedidiah Jenkins analogy on why time moves so much faster the older we get and how we can slow it down. I’ve watched it multiple times and it was such an eye opener. I hope you’ll take the time to watch it too (it’s just a few minutes). I promise you won’t be sorry.


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