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my new favorite kitchen finds and a cookbook I’m really loving

As much as I love being a photographer, a big part of me is yearning to include more personal content on my blog. More recipes.More reviews. More writing. More me.

I’m planning on incorporating an array of topics and would love your thoughts as to what type of content you’d like to read more about. I want this blog to be fun and engaging and interesting. Please feel free to leave any thoughts in the comment section below- I’d really love the feedback!

Today I’m sharing my newest kitchen finds.

One of my favorite things to do is turn on some music, pour myself a glass of chardonnay and try out a new recipe. One of my least favorite things is when my cookbook is taking up too much room on the kitchen counter. That’s why I’m in love with this cookbook stand. The acrylic overlay on the front protects my cookbook from getting dirty while keeping the book propped up and out of the way.

Speaking of food, have you ever eaten at Lemonade? They define themselves as having “a playful, vegetable-centric menu drawing from a variety of global influences”. Omg, it’s so. good. It’s a modernized, upscale cafeteria chain based in California and serves the most amazing food. As I was waiting in line I discovered they sell their own cookbook that includes their most popular recipes. Now I don’t have to try and guess what delicious ingredients they put in my favorite dishes! If you like seared Ahi you need to try this recipe and if you like a little kick to your lemonade try this one.

I’ve been on a ginormous purging kick lately. You’d seriously think I was nesting- (um, NO). I just think the older I get, the less tolerance I have for clutter and the feeling of filling bags with stuff  we don’t need and donating it feels so good. Bye, Felicia. That’s why I’ve recently ditched all my mismatched Tupperware. I’m not sure which is worse- losing a sock in the dryer, or trying to find the correct lid for my Tupperware. I’m frantically reaching all the way in the back of my cupboard, trying to find the matching top and of course it’s NEVER the right one. Well this stackable Tupperware is an OCD’s dream. It includes every size you need, doesn’t take up much room at all and is so pretty! I love these!

best tupperware_0001


Don’t forget to leave a comment below about some ideas you’d like me to incorporate in my posts 🙂 Happy Hump Day!





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