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palos verdes wedding photos: neighborhood church & portofino hotel – cindy & chris

They met at work and Chris said the minute he laid eyes on Cindy, he knew he wanted to marry her. Cindy knew when Chris selflessly gave up his Saturday afternoon to help her move her grandmother into assisted living. His true heart and compassion became infinitely clear that day and she knew she’d regret not giving him a chance. Three months later they were engaged.

When I shot their engagement session in downtown LA it was apparent how smitten they were with one another. They were fun-loving, very affectionate and so comfortable together which made my job a breeze.

kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0001It rained the morning of their wedding and they were told a thousand times it meant good luck. The best luck was when it stopped and brought the most beautiful clouds and navy blue skies. kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0002kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0003kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0004kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0005kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0006kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0007kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0009
kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0012kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0014kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0010They were married in Palos Verdes and the reception was held in Redondo Beach on the marina.kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0011kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0015
kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0016kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0017kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0056Cindy, you are stunning. kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0018kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0019kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0021kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0022kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0023kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0025kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0026kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0027kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0028kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0030Captured just after they walked out of the church and had their first official moment alone. #naileditkathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0029kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0031these adorable flower girls stole the show! kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0032kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0033kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0034kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0035kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0036kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0037kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0038kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0039kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0040kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0041kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0042kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0043kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0044kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0045kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0046Those deep, dark skies were so dreamy.
kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0047kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0054

kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0055kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0049

kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0053The Longoria’s opted to see the reception before anyone else did. The delight on their faces as they noticed all the details that had been so diligently planned out for months, was priceless. My favorite was when Cindy snuck a taste of the cake- my kinda girl! kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0050kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0051kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0052 kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0057kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0058kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0059The love these two have for one another is so, so beautiful- I couldn’t stop taking pictures. kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0060kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0061kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0062kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0063Daddy’s girl. Always. kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0064kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0068kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0069kathryncolby.com palos verdes wedding_0071


Cindy and Chris, I couldn’t be happier for you two. I feel so grateful you trusted in me to capture your wedding day- much love and appreciation.

Special thanks to the following vendors that made this wedding such an amazing day:

Ceremony site: The Neighborhood Church

Reception venue: The Portofino Hotel

Event Coordinator: Tenth Street Events

Floral Design: Party Posies

Cake: Torrance Bakery

Hair: Ivonne from Cue Hair Salon

Make Up:  Blaire Berndes Beauty

Wedding gown: Matthew Christopher 

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