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hollywood newborn photographer: welcome baby graeme

I was referred to Megan by the amazing staff at First Look Sonogram. When she answered the door, I was absolutely floored. This petite, beautiful, woman with gorgeous hair and make up, was not only impeccably dressed, but there was not one single spot of spit up anywhere on her. She could not possibly have had a baby just TEN DAYS PRIOR. She even looked well rested! The week after I had my son, I was still wearing the same robe and needed instructions on how to apply mascara again.

Sweet baby Graeme was an absolute angel to photograph. He was calm and relaxed and slept most of the time. (Yay for newborn sessions!)



This is Megan and Steve’s daughter, Mayla. This sweet girl absolutely stole my heart.HollywoodMaternityPhotographer004

Her ruby red lips. That dimple.  Those eyes. I couldn’t get enough of her!HollywoodMaternityPhotographer005HollywoodMaternityPhotographer006HollywoodMaternityPhotographer007HollywoodMaternityPhotographer008HollywoodMaternityPhotographer009HollywoodMaternityPhotographer010

She’s so in love with her new baby brother. I loved watching her with him.HollywoodMaternityPhotographer011HollywoodMaternityPhotographer012HollywoodMaternityPhotographer013HollywoodMaternityPhotographer014

Megan’s husband is an avid golfer so she wanted to incorporate that theme in the session.

I couldn’t believe how adorable her props were!!! Seriously, what did we do before Etsy??HollywoodMaternityPhotographer015HollywoodMaternityPhotographer016HollywoodMaternityPhotographer017HollywoodMaternityPhotographer018HollywoodMaternityPhotographer019

her sweet prince in slumber.HollywoodMaternityPhotographer020HollywoodMaternityPhotographer021

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